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Jade Lawrence is 17, smart, wealthy, beautiful, a good student, and a very bad girl. Often left to her own devices, Jade has organized a highly successful business for herself with profit-sharing for her employees - a sex ring in her high school.  

The power and danger of her business make Jade feel alive; but to keep it interesting she has invented a unique game, "Top Notch." She has a fetish notched for every sexual encounter.  A series of incidents leads to the discovery of Jade's sex ring. As Jade's life falls apart amid scandal and disgrace, her mother's life collapses as well. The only solution is to get Jade out of town.

For the first time, Jade meets her 80-year-old grandfather Hart, the only one unfazed by her suddenly obvious anti-social attitudes and behavior. Hart's rough, survivalist lifestyle on a solar-powered ranch in Florida is her worst nightmare. But Jade learns the thrill of life-or-death challenges as she adapts to her strange new life. More importantly, her grandfather's no-nonsense teaching of what is important becomes her salvation, wins her respect, and ultimately earns her love.

Top Notch

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