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A woman's lover from the past shows up to reclaim her - is it a fantasy come true or a nightmare?

For Susan, it’s both. When she causes a four-car pile-up on a major highway trying to rescue a dog on a rainy day, her picture ends up on the front page of a newspaper.  Sam realizes she's only three hours away despite the years in between.

Unfortunately for Sam, Susan has married. Her husband, Ken, is running for re-election as county prosecutor. The headlines about his wife's accident add more stress to an already strained marriage. Ken is not good with stress. He's already got a cocaine habit, and recent pressures seem to be driving him nearer the edge. Then Sam shows up and Susan accepts his invitation to leave Ken.

Ken, an avid hunter, takes her decision to leave him very personally. His cocaine-fueled desire for revenge overtakes them all. Susan and Sam share a few fleeting days together before Ken catches up to them. In one fatal moment, Susan's choices for her future are forever altered.


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