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Korean Connection in West Michigan

The Korean Connection is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural and business exchange between West Michigan and South Korea. We serve as Friendship City Ambassadors to Jung-gu, Seoul. Find out more at our website.  Visit the FaceBook page.

Projects that never end, that spread throughout a community, that engage many minds and hearts into inspired teams!

Life is never boring!

The Multi-Cultured Eye

As a member of the West Michigan Film Video Alliance Events Team, I work with other WMFVA members as we create "The Multi-Cultured Eye" event.

We invite ALL members of West Michigan to develop and grow their production talents and careers here, but especially those young people of color who bring unique stories of life observed by "The Multi-Cultured Eye."

Visit the FaceBook page!

Women’s Leadership

Does being a female affect the leadership experiences of women governors? In a word - yes!  My dissertation research with 7 women former governors found that all perceived their gender to be a distinct liability in most political circumstances with few exceptions. Thus, the most powerful elected executives in the land, short of the president, were still handicapped by gender. This fact stimulated my idea of holding the first ever Women Governors Conference - plans underway now!

Women's Leadership