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One Halloween in the late 1980's, 10-year-old Henna and her  8-year-old twin brothers, Henry and Brennan, climb into their tree house to sample the sweet rewards of a long successful evening of trick-or-treating. Their faithful Golden Retriever, Barney, settles into his doghouse below. Henna launches into a ghost story, and at the really scary part, the tree house, kids, and dog are yanked skyward. Just the kind of accident you can expect from an untrained alien pilot who was supposed to simply collect plant samples.

The children and Barney are later safely returned to their mom with no real memory of the event. Yet each of them grows up with the story of their abduction, and each has learned to cope with partial memories - including Brennan’s outright denial that the experience ever happened. Family conflicts have continued for years as a result.

Twenty-five years later, the family gathers to settle their differences but their disagreements about their alien encounter and what it meant to each of them will not go away. That same night, the aliens return. Only this time, the aliens are looking for help.

The aliens are suffering from a plague, and the only cure seems to be on Earth. The human family members are drawn into an adventure that becomes comical when they discover the spaceship is full of  cute, roly-poly alien babies  who escape to Earth.

At the same time, a wary military must be persuaded that the aliens are not a threat.

While the situation begins seriously, the surprising cure leads to fun. And once the military understands the aliens are not invading but rather appealing for aid, everybody unites to save the day.

CE-V (The Fifth Kind) is a universal family reunion everyone on Earth will enjoy.

CE-V (The Fifth Kind)

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